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Healing of a boy born paralyzed

The healing testimony

It was the summer of 2020. Kurt was in Kenya with a group of pastors from Austria. In a small village near Nairobi, 150 people came to a healing service. At the end, Kurt asked those present to come forward for personal prayer. A young woman, barely 20, a single parent, came forward with her son, about 3 years old. She dragged him on the floor behind her, just as children sometimes drag their large stuffed animal behind them. The little boy was paralyzed from birth.


Kurt reports: When I saw her, I was seized with compassion and pity. I began to pray: Father, in Jesus name... That was as far as I got. The Holy Spirit took over my prayer. The presence of God became stronger, and I could only cry, cry. I felt as if Jesus Himself and all of heaven were crying along with me. After a few minutes I looked at the boy, who returned my gaze with wide eyes. And suddenly I noticed that he was moving his foot slightly.


Wait a minute, I thought. Didn't the mother tell me that he never did that before? Put him down, I said to the mother, I think he can walk! And so it was. Jesus healed the boy. From that moment on, he could walk. He was completely healed! A huge miracle!


Then spontaneously three pupils came forward to give their lives to Jesus. And God worked even more.


But for me the experience of this healing was also so special because God led me to the source of healing, to His merciful love. Jesus' command to heal is part of the great commandment of love that he gave to all his disciples before he died: "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another. As I have loved you, so you also are to love one another. Joh 13:34+Joh 15:12. Therefore, every disciple of Jesus is also commissioned and empowered to heal the sick. The articles on this website want to help us to learn this and to grow in it.

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For this, Kurt lets us share how his faith moves in the prayer of healing. The healings are first described as testimonies, as if filmed with a camera. And in a second part, an attempt is made to grasp the situation once again in the light of faith:


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The testimony of faith 

Kurt: In this case, God, through His guidance, left no room at all for human thoughts that could have inhibited the healing power.


I saw the woman with the paralyzed boy coming towards me and simply joined in the flow of His presence. I could only pray: Father, in the name of Jesus... after which His tears flowed through my eyes.


Jesus performed the healing, and I recognized it by the movement of the foot. I saw the healing power of God at work in this movement and responded with faith in the complete restoration by asking the mother to put the boy on the floor.


The boy, in turn, simply began to walk!


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Date: November 2022

Author: Lydia Guillet